Dough Figurine Master - Mr. Wei Baoquan

Mr. Wei Baoquan who was born and grew up in Heze Shandong, He chose to leave his hometown when he was 16 years old and make a living alone. Because of malicious competition on the market, he quit catering industry. Then he self-learning Dough Figurine. After CCTV 《Champion 360》: Cut the meat on the balloon and Blindfolded sculpture he become very famous across the country.

He has boarded many art program from CCTV、Hunan TV、Tianjin TV etc. During this period, Mr. Wei Baoquan is not proud of complacency, continue to practice Dough Figurine and cooking. In the Olympic Games, all gold medal winners were made by Dough Figuring by him in 2008.

Mr. Wei Baoquan received three Guinness records in 2009 which are engraved in tofu on the balloon; cut potato and it looks like pin on the balloon; fast sculpture when he Blindfolded. Then he started to get into the international community. He left his footprints and praise the Chinese food culture in France, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, South Korea. He cooked nine layers of rice cake towers which was great effort from a lot of people in the Spring Festival Gala-2014. Nine layers symbolizes in Chinese culture: Everything becomes nine is best.