Introduction to Pu’ er Tea

Pu’er Tea is a variety of fermented tea named after Pu’er, its place of origin in Yunnan Province of China in the Qing Dynasty. In fact, the so-called Pu’er Tea is a kind of tea produced in Yunnan Province of China. Leaves of Pu’er tea are thick and solid, which are derived from sundried green tea of Yunnan Daye variety. In the Qing Dynasty, Pu’er Tea was a kind of tributes, while in modern times, Pu’er Tea is popular among consumers. Pu’er is famous for its compression and lasting fragrance. Pu’er Tea is divided into loose tea and compressed tea in terms of forms. Taking sundried green tea as raw materials, compressed tea is a kind of tea in the shapes of bricks, pies, lumps or other shapes after the Pu’er Tea production process of pile fermentation, steaming and compressing, etc., which has a brown red appearance, red bright endoplasm and liquor color, unique fragrance, mellow taste and red leaves.

Yunnan Province of China is the birthplace of tea trees in the world; all kinds of tea in China and around the world mainly originated from the Pu’er Tea production area in Yunnan. Pu’er Tea has a long history. As early as the period of King Wu's conquest over Yin over three thousand years ago, Pu people in Yunnan, ancestors of tea planting, had offered tea to King Wu, but the term Pu’er Tea didn’t exist at that time. In the Yuan Dynasty, there was a place called "Buribu" which was written into Chinese characters as "Pu’er" (the spelling then was different from it is now). The term Pu’er appeared for the first time and then became famous at home and abroad. The term was changed into Pu’er Tea in the late Ming Dynasty.

1300m, Dadugang town enjoys a total forest area of 1.02 million mu, including 480,000 mu of national nature reserves and 85.8% of forest cover. Each season there seems like spring; with 17.5 ℃ of annual average temperature, 1600 ~ 1900 mm of annual rainfall, sunlight of 1382.5 hours, it belongs to typical humid subtropical monsoon climate; being warm and sunny all the year round with rich and moist heat and rain, it has the features of “long summer without winter and after a rainfall the weather turns cool as if it were autumn”. Dadugang has the best resource conditions of development of tea industry. Unique, beautiful, magnificent 76000 mu of tea mountain landscape makes Dadugang become one of the towns with largest green tea planting area of Yunnan, enjoying the reputation of “First Town of Tea”. Dadugang was awarded as "National Ecological Village and Town" in 2011, "National ‘One Village One Product’ Demonstration Village and Town" in 2013 and “Top Ten Most Beautiful Tea Garden Landscape” in 2013.