Song and Dance Theater in Nanjing City

Song and Dance Theater in Nanjing City (SDTNC) is a group of more than 100 professional performers, including a lot of performing artists with senior national technical titles. Since 1988, it has completed performance tours to more than 20 countries/regions, including the United States, Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Malta, San Marino, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech, Egypt, Ghana, Coate d'Ivoire, UAE, Morocco, Australia, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

During the past 50 years, SDTNC has won numerous international, national, provincial and municipal awards. Its Jasmine and Fragrant Plum and Jumping Fish won the Golden Prize of the First National Dance Competition.

Its Spring Breeze Is Here Again won five Golden Prizes for composition, performance, music, dancing and costume of the 3rd Jiangsu Dance Competition, and the Silver Prize of the National Dance Competition held in September of the same year.

In 2005, its Charm of Nanjing, a grand musical, dancing and poetic show about the 2,400-year history of the ancient city was performed more than 100 times at Nanjing Culture & Art Center, setting a new record in Nanjing's performance market. In fact, its approval rate among domestic and foreign audience was equally impressive, too. SDTNC was Special Award winner of Nanjing Municipal "Five Top Awards".

In 2006, appointed by Ministry of Culture, SDTNC led the Chinese artist group to North Korea for the "April Spring International Art Festival". Its dance programs Drum Beats, Love in Kangding, soprano performance by Liu Yuanyuan and a number of other programs won 8 Golden Prizes in total.

In the 2009 CCTV New Year's Gala, SDTNC's grand dance performance Butterfly and Flower won the first prize of "Favorite Programs of Audience Nationwide".

In 2014, SDTNC's performance on the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2nd Youth Olympic Games received extensive approval.

In addition, SDTNC often performs for visiting foreign state or government leaders, and provides regular charity performances and special evening parties each year. In fact, it is an art group generally recognized both for its spectacular performance and for its devotion to charity activities.

Into the new era, SDTNC will continue to do its best, and to introduce more innovations. While trying to lift its artistic level to new heights, it will take every action possible to meet market demands. Its ultimate aim is to provide the audience with more high-quality entertaining programs!


1. Instrument Ensemble: Stirring Spring in Jiangnan Fluent, beautiful and lively, the melody presents a unique picture of the river towns in Jiangnan region.

2. Plucked Instrument Ensemble: Sound & Sentiment about Home Using a lot of elements of Jiangsu folk songs, the plucked instrument performance depicts the joyous, lively life scenes of Jiangsu people.

3. Erhu, Pipa and Zheng Trio: Blue-and-white Porcelain One of the hit songs of Jay Chou, Blue-and-white Porcelain perfectly interprets the primitive, elegant, refreshing beauty of the most admired school of china craftsmanship, one that "would stun anyone who looks at it." With the stirring tone of Zheng, clear beats of the plucker and flowing melodies of Pipa, Blue-and-white Porcelain has a unique Chinese flavor in it.

4. Erhu Unison: New Horse Race The melody is based on the Mongolian ethnic music. Combining the Mongolian scale and beats with grace notes of typically seen in Han music, the melody sounds joyous, lively--and deeply emotional.

5. Ensemble: Sweet Jasmine Gentle, fluent, and delicate, the melody unfolds pictures of jasmine in full blossom, along with its enchanting scent, implying the primitive, tender feeling between young men and women.

6. Ensemble: My Motherland The national instrument version of the famous song My Motherland includes both gentle and passionate aspects, expressing an inherent patriotism through the enchanting rhythms.

7.Swan Geese: With vigorous body languages, the four dancers of Swan Geese tell stories about brave Mongolian men pursuing their dream wherever it takes them, as well as their heart-felt home sickness.

8.Beat Your Tambourine and Sing Your Songs: With adequate modification to the authentic ethnic folk dancing, this program features perfect integration of original art form with desired innovation.

9.Harvest Season: In this season, a group of beautiful young girls are harvesting ripe, juicy grapes. What a scene!

10.Love Song of Kangding: The violent dance of the Tibetan girl reflects her wild heart, as the splendid costume does the fascinating life of the Tibetans!