Li Guang Yuan

National Master Chef - Mr. Li Guang Yuan who born in Muping Shandong in 1948. Graduated from Beijing Technology and Business University . He has worked in Beijing Friendship hotel 、 Chinese and Japanese youth exchange center 、 Chinese Academy OF Sciences 、 Huandao Tide Hotel 、 Hainan Airlines International Hotel Management Group etc . He is the member of the China Cuisine Association , Beijing Cuisine Association and Chinese Collectors Association . The Director of the Capital Healthcare And Nutrition Cuisine Society . The senior lecturer for Royal cuisine . The senior cooking technician . The Chinese cooking A-level examiner.

Mr. Li Guangyuan was born in the traditional cooking family , His father Li Ziliang was a business manager worked in Tianjin 、 Shandong :Zhimei Lou before and after liberation . He has been influenced the food culture of Qilu . In 1964 , he followed the Beijing Friendship Hotel Western food Master Wang Wenbin to study cooking and keep product new cuisine more than 50 years.

He has received the People’s Daily 、 China Central Television 、 Shandong TV 、 Bejing Morning news 、 China Food News nearly 200 media introduction . CCTV highly praised Mr. Li Guangyuan’s dishes as “ a wonderful diet of Chinese food culture “ and similar praise is also endless.