Mr. Gebing

Mr. Gebing who has been studying cooking and engaged in catering industry for 30 years . He is proficient in Shandong cuisine 、Chaozhou cuisine and Huaiyang cuisine . His teacher is the Chinese national master chef Mr. Li guangyuan . He often out for exchange and guide the new cooking skills in different parts of the country , his skills , morality , character and reputation known throughout the catering industry . He is famous and has high reputation with fantastic skills in the catering industry .

Mr.Gebing is the National lvl1 technician of China , National lvl1 judges of China , National vocational skill contest referee , Master of Huaiyang cuisine , Chinese cooking master , Senior Dietitian of China . He also is a professional managers in the tourism and catering industry The vice chairman of Chinese Drunken Beauty Kitchen Tyrants Committee , Kong Soon International Chefs Club , The vice chairman of Yancheng chef committee , The executive chef of Wangfuhotel , The executive chairman of Eastern wetland chefs club .

Mr. Gebing has repeatedly participated in the domestic and international cooking contest and achieved excellent results , he has a strong influence for China catering industry .

Featured dishes : A.Fried small glutinous rice cake

Main ingredient : glutinous rice flour , wheat starch

Accessories : lard , black sesame powder

Production characteristics : 1. Four glutinous rice flour and one starch , glutinous rice flour with cold water and starch with hot water .
2. Pickled pork and cut to small pieces then stir evenly with black sesame powder .

Taste : Entrance sweet , soft and tender .

B. Suzhou secret sauce duck
Main ingredient : duck
SAccessories : red yeast rice , green onion , ginger , star anise , bay leaf, licorice , angelica

Seasoning : salt , sugar , soy sauce , monosodium glutamate , Huangjiu
Production : The duck clean and pickled , after pickled then clean again and smudge sauces , fried duck in 50% hot oil , put the fried duck into the marinade until well done (90% cooked ) then improve the taste and color of marinade and put the duck into it , wait it become 100% cooked then save the juice and put the color on the duck with fire .

Taste : Salty and sweet , marinade fragrant ,color like rouge , so Suzhou secret sauce duck also named “rouge duck “